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What is WINGING ?

It is a new sport that utilizes a handheld wing to move across the water. You can use a windsurf board or a paddleboard or surf board, but the Ultimate is to use on the board that can have a Hydrofoil under it ,so you don’t need much power once you get on top of the water with the Hydrofoil raising the board from the water.

Hydrofoil Board can also be used to catch wave swells right behind a boat for wake foiling. And surf waves!!

It is truly a sport between windsurfing and kiteboarding!! 

The first hour lesson is all about hand control of the wing on the beach and then getting on a wide windsurfing board with a dagger down so you can track up wind on your knees back-and-forth and then stand up on it.

most people do that one hour lesson ($100) and then they do a one hour rental ($50) to practice and then the third hour we could move right into a board that has a Hydrofoil on it and learn how to ride the Hydrofoil with the wing. 

Call me or text me at 239-565-4860.

Roy Massey


Ace Performer 

16842 McGregor Blvd.

 Fort Myers, FL 33908


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