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Paddle Boarding

Paddle lessons and paddle board tours on the back waters of beautiful Sanibel island !


1 hour Lessons and tour only $50.00 for one; 2 to 6 people are $45.00 each.

we are the only dealer that teaches and rents on the 36 inch boards for super stabilty :-)))

If you rent and then like it, you can put the money towards a new board!

Super wide boards are for beginners that have bad balance, or heavier people and older people, or to put 2 or three people on. One person in front and one in back this board will be better for the the gulf side of paddleboarding. (These boards are Fullwood Sandwich boards costing $1500 each not anything cheap)  


Sanibel paddle board RENTALS, lessons and tours!! We deliver to Sanibel !!!!


Free delivery - no charge!!!


We come out to Sanibel twice a day being 9:30 in the morning and 2:30 in the afternoon to do drop offs and pick ups. Text us at 239-565-4860.


We are the only rental business that offers superwide - 36 inch wide boards!!! On superwide, superstable boards you learn in five minutes how to paddleboard !!! We don't rent the low end boards we rent the top-of-the-line Starboard, Naish and JP boards!!!  First time paddle boarders typically rent the board for one hour which includes an intro lesson for $30 per person :-)


Just renting:
1 hour is $25.00
1-3 hours is $30
4 hour rental is $45.00
24 hours is 55.00
2-4 days $100.00
5-7 days $130.00


Roof racks come with all rentals!

sanibel island paddle board rentals lessons

Paddle board rental Sanibel Island

Paddle board lessons are for one hour. We will go through the basics about positioning on the paddle board and stance and all the paddle boarding strokes you need to be a successful paddle boarder!!! We will teach you the ins and outs of weather and wind and currents when you paddle board. We will go through it all to make sure you are safe and smart about how you paddleboard. We have over 33 years of teaching and experience on the water! 1 hour lesson is $35.00 all inclusive

Stand up paddle boarding is a new sport to most people but has been around along time in Hawaii.
We do it for the fun, for the greatest core work out ever, and to see a lot more by standing up. Some sups as we call them can be used to paddle on sitting or standing , some can be windsurfed on , some can be used as a big kite board, some you can surf on , and some you can if they are wide enough be used as a fishing board. You can also use them behind a boat to surf the wake. No matter if you have wind or no wind you can have a great time on the sups.

The most popular sizes are between 11 foot and 12 foot.  The longer the board the longer the glide across the water. The shorter boards have the advantage of being less weight and faster turning radius. The width is the most important measurement on a sup. In my testing of  sups the 30 to 32 inches is best for flat water and most importantly chop conditions, any narrower than this and you will be falling off too much, specially in choppy conditions. Weight is important, some boards are 40 pounds, some are 25 pounds. Lighter is right ! No matter if you are picking up the sup to go to the water , or after a 2 hour paddling session picking up the board to go home. On the water performance,  lighter means faster take off speeds and faster snapper  turns, more Fun !

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