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Ace Performer WindSurfing


Sanibel Island windsurfing rentals and lessons

Windsurfing may be the safest of all exciting sports. From the first time that you actually get the board to skim along a calm pond or lake, you'll experience a rush of exhilaration that affixes a permanent grin on your face while producing squeals and hoots of delight!

Like in a sailing boat, you're harnessing the wind. But you are the rigging that supports the sail, you hold the energy of the wind and it feels awesome! Conventional sailing may be thrilling, but you'll feel much closer to the power and magic of the wind riding aboard a windsurfer.

Naturally powered, windsurfing is an environmentally sound water sport that doesn't create noise or pollutants. Many windsurfers claim there is nothing more soothing for the body and mind. Whether you are 8 or 80, you can enjoy windsurfing. It's easy, doesn't require great strength or athletic courage. If you can swim, you can windsurf! Combining the thrills of surfing, with the tranquility of sailing, windsurfing puts you in touch with nature even better than a good hike. Go off by yourself for peace of mind, sail in a crowd of other windsurfers for unbeatable camaraderie or explore uncharted waters with a friend.

Another reason to windsurf is simply that it's good for you! Gliding effortlessly along beautiful stretches of clear and open water, breathing in the fresh air, away from the noises and stresses of everyday life, windsurfing relaxes your body and soul. Plus, it's a great exercise! You'll be surprised how toned your back, arms, legs, and stomach feel after a day of even the easiest windsurfing. An easy sport, just toss your board on the roof of your car or in the back of the van and head to the beach. No boat trailers, ramps, or registration needed! A windsurfer can be used almost anywhere. What can be simpler? Once you try windsurfing you'll be hooked! Windsurfing isn't just a guy's sport either. Browse through any windsurf magazine and you'll see how many women are enjoying the sport. Windsurfing is not a strength sport; it's a finesse sport. And who has more finesse?

As with other sports, a good first experience is very important. We want you to come back again and again! Some first timers aren't successful because: 1) their instructor was unable to communicate the basic techniques, and/or 2) they didn't have the proper learning equipment. Older boards were only 25" wide, not very stable and resulted in many falls. Most beginners needed about five hours to master the basics. Today's boards are 40" wide, much more stable and outfitted with super lightweight sails. Now the learning curve has been reduced to only one hour! Windsurfing is an easy learned skill, if you have the right instructor and the right equipment. Ace Performer will thoroughly explain the fundamentals, including a glossary of windsurfing terms. And you'll practice on the best learning equipment. Windsurfing is fun for the whole family. So dive in, hop up and hold on! You'll enjoy the ride! To be a windsurfer puts you in a separate class of sportsman, and all its participants know that. So when you show up at the beach with your boards, you're instantly a member of a special fraternity (or sorority for you ladies out there) and instantly accepted as one of the few who knows how good things can be.

Ace Performer offers a variety of equipment for beginners and experienced windsurfers. Starboard "Start Board" is an excellent learning windsurfer for everyone 8 years and up. Easily controlled with its 3.5 square meter sail, it's our preferred board for lessons.

Windsurfing Lessons and Rental for Single, Birthday Parties, or any Group Party!  


Lesson rates are as follows for the number of people in the lesson:

One $100.00 for one hour
Two $90.00 for one hour
Three $80.00 for one hour
Four $70.00 for one hour
Five - Fifteen (Group) $60.00 each for

one hour

After Beginning Lessons Rental Rates:

One hour Windsurf rental $50.00 Half Day (two to four hours) $75.00 Day (24 hours) $100.00 Weekly (seven days) $300.00

Advanced Windsurfing Lessons:

Each Lesson $100.00 per hour
First Lesson: Harness Lesson - How to use a harness properly
Second Lesson: Foot Strap Lesson - How to get into foot straps
Third Lesson: Water Starting Lesson - How to water start in shallow and deep waters
Fourth Lesson: Jibing Lesson - Step by step of how to jibe

Sanibel Island Windsurf rental
After the one hour lesson most people rent for 1/2 day after their lesson, take more advanced lessons and keep improving or buy a new or used board. Complete rigs range from $500 to $2,000 Lesson times are between 2:30 and 6:00 p.m., Monday - Saturday Call Roy at  239-565-4860 to set up your appointment today!
Schedule your lesson with Ace Performer today! Call  239-565-4860.
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