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Feelfree Moken 10’ PD

Feelfree Moken 10’ PD


Moken 10 peddle kayak was $1499, now only $1,299! forward & backward,Rudder control, built in wheel in back.

Introducing the all new Moken 10 PDL! 

Best selling kayak in the world nothing comes close to it. Super lightweight at 70 pounds and super stability at 35 inches wide is the only character holds 440 pounds that you can stand on!!

The next evolution within the Moken series arrives, now sporting the Rapid Pedal Drive and Beavertail Rudder systems. We’ve taken one of our best sellers, the Moken 10 v2, and implemented our own, state of the art pedal package to deliver you a responsive, stable and surprisingly roomy 10-foot pedal-driven kayak.

The Moken 10 PDL offers a fun, efficient and comfortable experience for a full day on the water, whether or not you bring your rod and reel. At 10' 4” in length, don't think the Moken 10 PDL is only for skinny waters and smaller paddlers. Its 35" width paired with a massive capacity of over 400lbs provides ample stability so you can pedal, fish and even stand and spot cast with confidence. Plus, the expanded deck area combined with the EZ Rider multi-position seat can accommodate taller individuals while also feeling compact and comfortable for smaller pedalers.

This kayak's shorter length also makes it easier to store and transport. Getting it to the water from your vehicle is a breeze thanks to the integrated Wheel in the Keel and the molded in handles. When you’re finished for the day, the handles double as effective tie down points.

The Moken 10 PDL is jam-packed with a variety of other features including two integrated fishing rod holders with rod leashes, four UNI-Track accessory rails and a large tankwell storage area for all your fishing and adventure gear. 
If you're pedaling for enjoyment, fishing for trophies, or just need a more compact pedal kayak for efficient storage and transportation, you should check out the NEW Moken 10 PDL - small but mighty!

If you're pedaling for enjoyment, fishing for trophies or just need a more compact pedal kayak for efficient storage and transportation, you should check out the NEW Moken 10 PDL - small but mighty!

•Length: 10' 4"

* Width: 35"

* Weight: 72 lbs (seat and pedal drive not included)

* Weight: 98 lbs (seat and pedal drive included)

* Capacity: 425 lbs


* NEW Rapid Pedal Drive

* NEW Rapid Steering System & Beaver Tail Rudder

* Multi-Position + Height Adjustable EZ Rider Seat

* Uni-Track Accessory Rails

* Reinforced Standing Platform

* Two Flush Mounted Rod Holders w/Rod Leash

* Patented Wheel In the Keel

* Rear Quarter Turn Hatch Behind Seat

* Molded Carry Handles

* Dual Paddle Keepers

* Tankwell Storage Area w/ Bungee

* Drain Plug

*  And I recommend you as an option to put the new Best new electric motor is the Bixby 30 pound thrust you can connect it to your rudder which is amazing!! It makes this kayak go about 6 mph.

* 12 speeds forward and three speeds backwards all on Bluetooth controller on your wrist controller. Look

* Alloy paddle 5 pounds $79, glass paddle 2.5 pounds $110. Stand up handlebar $129, track system rod holders $75, all extra.

* And you can also buy the new electric Bluetooth motor on the back rudder ($1,299.00)which is just amazing!! it makes this kayak go about 6 mph forward and backwards all on the hand controller on your wrist. Also the battery is a 10 hour life all day lithium battery.

* check it out

* I am the dealer in this region so come see it at my shop:

* Ace performer

* 16842 McGregor blv

* Ft Myers Fl 33908.

* I am in my shop mon-fri 10 am till 2pm and sat 12 till 2. And I can meet you after 8 PM after dinner because I live right down the street from my shop.


* Let me know:directly:: two:three:nine:five:six:five:forty:eight:sixty.;,

* I prefer check or cash or Venmo!! If you don’t have it download it! It only takes 5 minutes it’s the best!! Or check because if you put it on a visa card you have to pay the extra 3% that's what I dislike banks so much.

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