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Bote 10'6" Flood

Bote 10'6" Flood


Used 10'6" Flood Paddle board.  Best tracking 10'6 in the industry. It was $1,400.00 this one used in great shape selling for board only $899.00 great deal!! Only weighs 28 pounds super light weight for its size!! 

   The double concave full length shape allows you to track much straighter so you don't have to switch sides as much with your paddle. It has a hatch in the front deck to put your keys in or to hold your drinks it's waterproof. It has inserts to hold a tackle rack with fishing rods on it. You can also put a mast track on it and windsurf and surf or it too! So when it gets windy you put a sail on it and go sailing across the water, wind dies and you can take off the sail and paddle it!

That has tiedowns to strap your cooler down and the cooler has options that you can snap your paddle down. It also has bungees on the front and back to hold your paddle or your fishing rods for your lifejackets.

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