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Bote Drift 11'6"

Bote Drift 11'6"


Bote 11'6" x 32" Drift 

This is the most trusted and strongest inflatable sup on the market today.

   Super stuff and superlight the bote inflatable drift is a master craft of stability and speed and it holds 350 pounds.

    It comes with a paddle, a pump the paddle holder in the front and the anchor stick holder on the side.

   There is mounting bracket's so you can also attach a tackle rack to it or on the back there's a mounting plate for electric remote control anchor stick!!

   Multiple attachment points to lay down the anchor stick when you're not using it and fishing rods when you're not using them and tiedowns to hold down your cooler!! Normally the board is $1400 I'm selling this one for only $850.00.!!

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