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Bote 12 HD Bugslinger

Bote 12 HD Bugslinger


Bote HD 12' bugslinger Paddle board used in great shape.  Best tracking 12' in the industry. It was $1800.00 this used one selling for only $1,249.00 saving you $300!! Only weighs 34 pounds super light weight for its size!! Full displacement nose for super tracking :-) 10 paddling strokes on one side it's like having a fin in the front of the board. It has inserts to hold a tackle rack with fishing rods on it. And holes in the front and back through the board that you can put a anchor sticker s to hold your place.

It also has the travelink on the rail so you can put the shoulder strap on unit and carry it on your shoulders. Which is awesome. I also carry board bags to protect It from the sun :-) 

    You can also put a mast track on it and windsurf and surf on it too!

The tackle rack normally new $199.00 my used on only $169.00.

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